What Database should i use Firebird or MySql ?

DWQA QuestionsWhat Database should i use Firebird or MySql ?
Paul Staff asked 5 years ago
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Paul Staff answered 5 years ago
  • Sam Broadcaster requires a Database to run on, either Firebird or MySql
    Firebird is great for beginners and easy to setup
    MySql is used if you have large music collections
    Below are some techy details on both
  • Firebird:
    – clear and understandable SQL syntax
    – full relational support
    – multi generation architecture (but with incremental backups support)
    – fully supported stored objects (procedures, triggers, UDFs)
    – huge set of built-in functions
    – fully supported transactions (including snapshot)
    – auto increment through sequence generators
  • MySQL (InnoDB engine):
    – SQL syntax is really bad
    – don’t know MySQL’s architecture
    – transactions may work
    – huge set of built-in functions including stupid limitations when using them (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP can’t be used in columns of type other than TIMESTAMP (e.g. DATETIME) and also there cannot be more than 1 TIMESTAMP columns with NOT NULL constraint in 1 table – what a stupidity)
    – stored objects support is practically missing (except really bad stored procedure/function)
    – auto increment values support is really bad
  • Yes it is possible to migrate/convert from firebird to mysql or vice versa
    there are many migration tools online