How to set up an Icecast Statistical Relay

DWQA QuestionsHow to set up an Icecast Statistical Relay
Paul Staff asked 3 years ago

Setting up your Icecast Statistic Relay

The final step is to create a Statistics Relay for the streaming server. A statistic relay simply grabs the current status and viewer count from each server, reporting the details to SAM. Without a statistic relay, SAM will not know where listeners can connect to listen to your music and it will also not accurately report the count of listeners connected to your stream. Additionally, without valid statistic relays your station will not show up on This means you will not get any extra exposure and you will miss extra listeners coming from the AudioRealm portal and partner sites.

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Paul Staff answered 3 years ago

If you do not already have your Statistical relay windo open. Click on the Window Tab and then checkmark Statistic relays on the drop down menu

In the Statistic Relays window click on the ‘+’ button then Select Icecast2 Statistic Relay, click

Enter Icecast server details.

  • Enter the station ip or Host Name in ‘Host’ field
  • Enter Port in ‘Port’ field
  • Username will always be “admin”
  • Enter Password in ‘Password’ field
  • If you don’t want your server listed publicly, check ‘Private statistic relay’

Click OK

Statistic Relay should now say ‘Active (OK)’.
*If your stats are not showing the current station statistics simply force an update.